Why Choose IPM?

IPM is ever vigilant to what is going on across the pub and leisure industry in the UK.

High Quality, Practical Support

IPM provides high quality, practical support, and no nonsense attitude to every client, whether they are asset owners, pub companies, administrators or banks. IPM differ from other Licensed Retail Management Companies as they also retail a core estate of managed pubs in the form of Inglenook Inns & Taverns Ltd.

The majority of these sites have been heavily invested and continue to trade profitably in their own right but have also been enhanced in value as assets for the owners IIT/IPM have co invested over £10M over the last 4 years in the core estate which continues to grow its portfolio of Licensed Retail Outlets IIT also provides a strong platform for IPM to continue to provide Licensed Retail Management Services to its clients.


The benefits available to clients

  • Assistance with regular promotions, improved food offerings and events
  • A business mentoring service for single operators, allowing them to make the best of the in-depth experience and market awareness of IPM Operations Managers
  • Help and guidance in choosing the right product mix and brands to make a real difference to margins
  • A full assessment of specific pubs in order to understand the current offer, identify improvements and implement a programme of delivery
  • An in-house telesales operation for client’s tenants and strong negotiated supplier support
  • Full support of financial processing, accounts etc
  • A totally open book approach

Additional Services

  • Mystery shopper and provision of viability report
  • Expert legal advice on your current agreement (Lease, tenancy, etc.);
  • Expert Legal advice on current Personal/Premises and general licensing issues
  • Expert advice on a potential business failure (Snap shot with survey)
  • In the event:
    • Physical security of the asset: 
      Caretaker/Alarm and boards
    • Utility supply protection: 
      We will endeavour to ensure the client’s supply of Water, Gas, and Electric is not disconnected
    • Valuation of the asset, stock (if any left!) and F+F
    • Removal, realisation and sale of F+F and stock with VAT receipt provided
    • Site clearance and contract cleaning
    • Continuity of Trade
  • Interim Management: 
    Speed of response/Readily available, credible and qualified personnel (BII, etc.)/Business Recovery (Current website info)
  • Recruitment:
    • Screen/Aid potential tenants Financial/Business projections & plans
    • Provide potential tenants with required training (BII approved)
    • In the short term we can act as the TAW (FEE) recruit short term Tenant or long term Lessee
    • Provide/Advise Legal Documents for the Client
    • Provide short/medium/long term dedicated Business Support and Marketing (BRM role)
    • Credit Control
  • Purchasing 
    Supplier advice/negotiations (Wet/Dry/Utilities)
  • Debt Recovery
  • Finance facility:
    • Valuation and facility to purchase (tenants)
    • Manage/advise your financial agreement with your current lender/borrower
  • HR: 
    Expert legal advice on Liabilities as a landlord
  • Certifications: 
    Health & Safety/Fire/Electrical/Gas/Asbestos e.t.c.
  • Dispose:
    • Market the asset/Private Auction for ultimate closure
    • Expert advice with de-licensing of premises
    • Alternative use through expert identification of potential client

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