Clients & Case Studies

Some of our clients and case studies include Begbies Traynor, BDO Leeds, SF Plant, Coop Bank & Azmec Ltd Nightclubs.

12 Destination food sites

  • Recruited to reopen 12 closed destination food sites in Cumbria with letting accommodation by nation Pub Co.
  • IPM surveyed each individual site, furnished the client with a business critical list of required equipment, developed 3 template retail offers and categories the group – quickly grew wet and dry volumes to a sustainable level
  • IPM grew the businesses to create a platform for the client to let/sell the units on an individual basis – IPM managed our exit over 3 month period
  • IPM provided rapid recruitment for individual site management
  • IPM provided full back office and accounting services on a 24/7 basis and in some instances continue to provide back office support to the new tenants/owners

40 Units in a week

  • Appointed to manage 40 units for leading Irish Bank
  • Confirmed/secured acceptable trading agreements – protected rent role and distribution income
  • Secured trading deposits
  • Ensured Due diligence and compliance
  • Enhanced margin and performance in each unit
  • Adoption of client Epos and on site systems through integration with IPM systems
  • Assisted in getting the required terms from landlords to allow survival of some of the units
  • Assisted with the sales of individual and small groups of sites

25 sites in 4 days

  • The Client required 25 managed pubs to be transferred from another management company over a 4 day period
  • IPM created a platform to let the individual sites to independent operator over an 18 month period by demonstrating tighter controls, growth in sales in a number of the units and a focused product range and templated retail offers
  • Business plans created for each site to allow proper focus and direction
  • Overall enhancement of the offering and profitability
  • The effective use of Business development in areas of the portfolio
Case Study 01

Pub in Leeds city centre currently trading at a loss of £1000 per week.

Our Solution

We conducted a detailed evaluation of the site including all aspects of trading and management and produced a recovery plan and supporting budget P&L.

We replaced the manager with an experienced individual, franchised the kitchen to an independent catering company and implemented our full range operational and financial processes and controls

An intensive remarketing campaign was launched to attract increased footfall and hence turnover.

A wage save scheme was implemented that linked all staff wages to the turnover of the pub.

Achieved substantial savings in costs across the pub and implemented a new entertainment policy.

The Outcome

Turnover increased fivefold over a period of eight weeks.

The pub has returned to profit for the client through a combination of improved trading performance and increased volumes.

The pub is now a viable business for the client allowing them to re-let it at commercial rents.

Case Study 03

Small town/village centre Pub with budget function/accommodation facilities previously not being used on the outskirts of Sheffield. The site was secured by Safe Estates.

Our Solution

We agreed to manage the site on a Fee and restitution agreement for a period of 6 weeks

Based on the previous dispense figures prior to closure we produced a recovery plan a supporting budget P&L.

We arranged to have the boiler replaced for the client and marketed the letting rooms at £15 per night

We developed a pricing policy whereby we could undercut the competition and maintain margin through our agreed discount with the client.

We recruited a new DJ and charged an admission to the Function room with a related drinks offer.

We franchised the food operation to the new manager allowing us to negotiate a better salary package for the client relating to the turnover of the business.

The Outcome

The weekly turnover is now £3000 per week. We negotiated a 50% share of the Machine income to improve the operating P&L.

The site stands a nominal rent of £25 per week and is currently trading at a profit of £1500 per month.

This site will be managed to sale but at no cost to the client.

Case Study 02

Destination food pub with letting accommodation on the outskirts of Leeds previously operating under management at a monthly cost of £6000 to the client, based on a weekly turnover of £2800 per week.

Our Solution

We conducted a detailed evaluation of the site including all aspects of trading and management and produced a recovery plan and supporting budget P&L.

We were aware of the high staff costs relating to the business and therefore opted to replace the current management couple.

We replaced the current management couple with a single operator (Chef/Manager) and agreed a maximum spend on weekly wages relating to the turnover of the business.

We agreed a Business Development Fund with the client to perform some basic repair work to the letting bedrooms/bathrooms to make them let able again, recruited a landscaping company to re-design the poorly maintained grounds/car park, purchased new signage and hanging baskets.

We re-designed the menu to improve margin and appeal.

Achieved substantial savings in costs to the P&L and therefore, enabling us to manage the property on a Fixed Fee of £850 per week, whilst paying a commercial rent of circa £22,500.

The Outcome

Turnover is currently at £4700 per week over a period of 4 weeks.

The site as a standalone business is now at a break even situation. This will currently cost the client a management fee of £250 per week upon review.

At this stage the business has become re-let able as a tenant would operate the business without the cost of a manager.

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