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IPM is more than just a pub management company. With a unique business model, we focus on driving value enhancement and income by proactive asset management. Our team of experienced professionals combines asset management and turnaround skills with expertise in licenced property trading.

  • We operate a model to maximise returns and income from pub trading whilst simultaneously seeking to identify longer term income and investment opportunities for qualifying sites.
  • We actively manage investment programs for clients in qualifying sites and implement long term business plans for these sites.
  • We operate our own long term estate of quality sites - Inglenook Inns & Taverns - and operate similar JV’s for clients.

What We Do

Support Services

IPM have an experienced and dedicated back office team based in the North West providing all necessary support for tenanted, managed and closed pubs in a client’s pub estate.

The comprehensive back office services include telesales, marketing, financial control and accounting functions, credit control, payroll, EPoS control, HR support and operations administration.

IPM is experienced in working with a variety of leisure businesses and linking with a range of EPoS and hotel management systems – our bespoke back office system is designed to provide maintained and enhanced robust Management Information for an up to the minute view of the clients estate.

Our Operations Managers are on-hand to provide valuable support to clients; ensuring businesses are being driven forward as effectively and profitably as possible.

Banking & Insolvency

IPM works closely with Financial Institutions and insolvency practitioners to manage assets on their behalf in many instances. IPM will prepare an initial report for the potential client setting out what they believe are the opportunities in relation to specific sets of assets.

From this report the client can choose whether to proceed with IPM for full management, partial management or just a monitoring role over the business on behalf of the client. IPM will work in partnership with the client to ensure each asset is run in the optimum way to secure best value for its owner.

IPM will use its expertise to transfer pubs and other assets between the managed and the tenanted models to generate the best possible results for the client.

Unit Temporary Management

IPM have all of the day to day operational management within the units, control of all back office functions, including marketing, business development and financial administration.

Tenanted Pubs

IPM can provide the back office support for the client and the pubs, or full operational and back office services. A client’s portfolio of pubs, restaurants, night clubs or other leisure facilities can be looked after in the way best suited to the client; from fully managed, tenanted or leased, or a combination of different models.

Business Development Solutions

IPM operate a “parachute style” solution to the temporary management of licensed retail outlets, which allows us to take appointments at a moment’s notice, on behalf of pub owners, pub companies, administrators and banks. IPM ensures that the pub is managed in accordance with an approved business plan and to an agreed set of budgets and costs, therefore maximising the profitability of the site. IPM has a number of template retail offers which allow the client to understand how the site will run and maximise it profit potential. Our open book policy for pub owners ensures maximum transparency of the performance of every pub, with detailed weekly reporting and monthly accounts, backed up by robust data.

Closed-house Management & Caretaker Services

IPM provides a caretaking service for clients to safely secure their assets during any period when the pub may be closed. The agreed handover is completed at a set time and detailed transfer documentation is completed, meters read and photographs taken. IPM have a range of security services tailored to suit every individual unit or group of sites.

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